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15+ Easy Pumpkin Arts & Crafts Ideas for Fall for kids

Looking for some engaging hands-on arts and crafts activities for your preschoolers this fall? Here is a list of 15+ free and easy sensory art activities that provide students with fun fine motor opportunities. Your students are sure to love getting their hands messy and creating this fall!

Lemon Print Pumpkin Art

Showcase your student as the cutest pumpkin in the patch this fall season with our Lemon Print Pumpkin Art. Your preschool and kindergarten students will enjoy creating a super cute pumpkin patch with just a lemon and some orange paint!

Pumpkin Handprint Art 

Are you looking for the perfect fall keepsake? Our Pumpkin Handprint Keepsake Art and Greeting Card Activity would be the perfect gift to send home to families during the fall season. It is super easy and simple to make. Simply print the template of your choosing, grab some paint and use those little hands to complete the adorable templates. Create a pumpkin, acorn, tree, and more with these adorable templates! 

Mini Pumpkin Turkey Craft

When the end of October comes around and there are still so many mini pumpkins around your house, we have the perfect activity for you and your young learners! Our Pumpkin Turkey Craft is a great transition activity from October to November! 

B00 Pumpkin tape resist art 

Pumpkin Tape Resist Art takes pumpkin decorating to the next level! This super creepy “BOO” design will surely be the center of attention this Halloween season. Your students can paint bags, ghosts, or even their names onto a pumpkin using this tape-resist design – how fun is that? 

Puffy Pumpkin Sensory Fork Art

Create the cutest puffy pumpkins in the patch with this Sensory Pumpkin Fork Art activity! All you need is shaving cream, paint, school glue, and a fork to start creating. 

Magnetic Color Mixing Pumpkin Art

The perfect preschool STEM art does exist Color Mixing with Magnets: Pumpkin Art! While teaching your students about color mixing and magnets, create an adorable fall pumpkin!  

Feed The Jack-O-Lantern

Sensory color mixing bags make the perfect October fine motor activity! Feed The Jack-O-Lantern Sensory Bags are easy to create and fun for everyone.  

The Rolling Pumpkin Process Art

Our preschool pumpkin process art activity will excite young learners of all levels! All you need to complete this Preschool Rolling Pumpkin Process Art is paint, a canvas (paper, canvas, etc…), and a mini pumpkin or two. This activity is the perfect companion to the book “The Runaway Pumpkin.”  

Paper Plate Twisting Process Art

I’ve got another great process art for your young students! Our Paper Plate Twist Pumpkin Process Art gives students the chance to be creative and paint without all the mess! Supplies are items that you usually have in your home. All you need is paint, two paper plates, and a pair of scissors. 

Pumpkin Magic Name Activity

Want the kids in your life to think you have magical powers? Then check out this Magic Pumpkin Name Activity. This can be done super easily with just a few items you have lying around your house. So, grab a paper towel, markers, and a water dropper and prepare to amaze the youngsters in your life!  

Fizzy Pumpkin Name Science  

Teach all about the different properties of science with our fun Fizzy Pumpkin Name Science activity! This activity promotes letter and name recognition, fall themes, fine motor, and more! You will need baking soda, letter tiles or magnets, water, orange food dye, a green pipe cleaner, and vinegar. 

Pumpkin Sight Words Activity 

Low prep Pumpkin Sight Word Activity  for preschool and kindergarten students gives students the opportunity to read, write, and recognize sight words. So grab a pumpkin, dry-erase marker, and our Pumpkin Literacy Centers Sight Words for October cards and get started today!


Pumpkin Name Puzzle

A simple fall activity that helps your preschool and kindergarten students recognize and spell their names is what you will find within this Pumpkin Name Puzzle craft. With extremely simple steps and only three materials needed, anyone can do this! You will need large popsicle sticks, tape, and markers to complete this craft.  

Pumpkin Handprint Name Puzzle

Pumpkin Handprint Name Puzzles promote name and letter recognition, creativity, and problem-solving skills. These puzzles are simple to make with only a few household items. 


Pass the Pumpkin Game

Your next Halloween party won’t be complete without playing Pass The Pumpkin! This super low prep and fun game is a great fine motor and hand-eye coordination activity for preschool and kindergarten-aged students. 


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