Zippi Kids DIGITAL RESOURCES Easy Fork painted Turkey craft for kids

Easy Fork painted Turkey craft for kids

Fork painted Turkey craft is one of the easiest and fun Turkey projects my kids have done! This Turkey thanksgiving project is perfect for little ones! The fork prints comes out beautifully as Turkey feathers!

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Let’s get going with this super fun Turkey craft for Thanksgiving!

Fork Painted Turkey Craft

Make this easy turkey by using a fork! This is a super simple thanksgiving art project that the kids can easily make by themselves. This Turkey activity is a super fun and easy fine motor art for Thanksgiving. To begin this turkey craft, pick out your colors( I used Red, orange and Yellow) you’ll be using for your turkey’s feathers. Dip the fork in different colors to make colorful Turkey feathers. Then set aside to dry.

Once completely dried up, add a brown head like shape out of a brown construction paper and glue it at the bottom of the paper for the turkey’s head, a Pilgrim’s hat if your students choose, googly eyes, a beak, and a wattle. Now your turkey is complete. Your students will love creating this beautiful turkey for Thanksgiving!

Check out the video here:

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