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Easy Valentine Day Crafts and Activities for Preschool

Your Valentine’s Day just got a whole lot sweeter! These adorable and easy Valentine’s Day crafts for preschool are the perfect way to show your students some love. Students can easily complete these adorable activities at school, then send them home to families as keepsakes.Do check out these 30+ Easy Winter Crafts for Preschool.

Valentine Handprint Name Puzzle

A simple Valentine’s activity that helps your preschool and kindergarten students recognize and spell their names while having fun in a creative way is what you will find within this easy Valentine’s Day craft for preschool.

 Magic Name Hearts

Want the kids in your life to think you have magical powers? Then check out this super easy and fun Valentine’s Day magic heart activity. This can be done easily with just a few items you have lying around your house. 

The final step is to prove you are a magician by adding water (with a water dropper or just drip from a cup if you do not have one) to each heart. Your students will be amazed when their name “magically” appears once the water hits each of the hearts!

My Heart Goes Pom-Pom for You Craft

Need an engaging fine motor activity to complete with your preschool, homeschool, or early elementary students this Valentine’s Day? Check out this easy-to-complete activity! In this video, you will see a student complete a craft that uses only a paper plate, pom-poms, a shoelace (or yarn), and wide adhesive tape.

Valentine Day Bingo & more Printable Games

Here’s a classroom party classic game! Any form of BINGO will do for this activity. Valentine-ify it by using conversation candy hearts or candy kisses as the student BINGO covers. We like to use our Math BINGO game for this activity. It promotes number recognition, counting, addition, and subtraction all while engaging students in a fun Valentine’s day party activity!  

Valentine Color Mixing

Teach your students about primary and secondary colors with this adorable hands-on color-mixing activity! This easy Valentine’s Day activity for preschool features color exploration through the use of low-prep, household items like paper towels, washable markers, and a water dropper!

Valentine’s Day Sensory Bag Alphabet BINGO

Check out this no-mess and super fun sensory bag BINGO activity for kids. To make the sensory bag, I like to use baby lotion and red food coloring to fill a Ziplock bag. Students will love exploring to find the different letters with their fingers or a paintbrush.

Valentine’s Day Handprint Art Keepsake

Your Valentine’s Day just got a whole lot sweeter! These adorable Valentine’s Day Handprint Art Printable are the perfect way to show your love. Students can easily complete these loving printable pages at school, then send them home to families as adorable keepsakes. With six designs, there is sure to be something for everyone!

Valentine’s Day Fingerprint Tree Craft

There are many ways you can go about this valentine fingerprint tree art project, and it’s great valentine craft for all ages. It’s super low prep and simple to do activity for kids. You can use fingers, Q-tip, bubble wrap, straw and many more to make this valentine tree art and craft project !

Valentine’s Day Paper Plate Craft

This super cute and easy Valentine’s Day craft for preschool and kindergarten students provides students with a creative outlet this February! All you need to complete this activity is construction paper, a paper plate, clothespins, pom-poms, paint, and a photo of your student/child. 

I Love you to pieces (Free Printable)

Valentines Day – I Love You to Pieces (free template) is one of my  a favorite Valentines day craft for my preschoolers. A perfect fine motor craft for the month of February! 

Heart Marble Art

Our preschool marble heart process art activity will excite young learners of all levels! All you need to complete this easy Valentine’s Day art for preschool is paint, construction paper, and a marble or two. 

Conversation Hearts Counting Sensory Bag

Conversation hearts Squishy counting bag for no-mess Sensory and Fine Motor activity. It’s super simple to create, needs only a ziplock, Hair gel and conversation hearts( available at dollar store). 

Chalk Marbling Hearts

Here is the CUTEST process art activity for preschool, homeschool, and early elementary school students. Did you know you can create marble art with chalk? Students start this activity by cutting white hearts out of construction paper or card stock. We recommend using these two types of paper because they are a bit more durable when wet.

Valentine’s Day Printable Craft Love You To The Moon & Back

It is super simple to make this I love you to the moon and back craft as a valentine gift for parents using this template available at my store. This can be done with just few supplies available in your classroom. This Simple Craft creates a beautiful night scene with clouds, moon and stars

Get this Valentine Craft Template 

Heart Process Art

Process art for preschool and kindergarten students gets kids to show off their creativity and love of art. Students will create a Valentine’s Day arts and craft project that will be completely smitten about!

 Valentine’s Day fine motor  Activity

Did you know using a spray bottle is one of the best fine motor activities young students can do to support and build their muscles? This activity is so simple to set up yet has so much opportunity for learning and growth!

Candy Heart Graph

Here’s an adorable activity to use with your students on Valentine’s Day! This activity promotes a variety of early math skills like graphing, color recognition, sorting, and so much more! So, grab this free printable graphing worksheet and a box of conversation candy hearts, and let’s get started!

Grab this Free printable here

Heart Sorting Game

Here’s the perfect Valentine’s Day game for kids! It’s simple to set up and easy and fun to play! While this game is really just for fun, fine and gross motor skills play an important role in being successful at this game. 

Puffy Heart Painting

Create the cutest puffy hearts for Valentine’s Day with this sensory process art activity! All you need is shaving cream, paint, school glue, a clothespin, and a pom-pom to start creating. To start, mix a small amount of school glue with shaving cream and paint, then mix. Take your clothespin pinching a pom-pom and create a heart-like design. If your heart shape isn’t quite “puffy” enough, continue to add shaving cream and paint. The result will be a happily puffy heart design!

Conversation Heart Sensory Bin Graphing

Do your kids love sensory bins? I know mine do! Here’s an easy Valentine’s Day craft for preschool students! All you need to do to get started is create a sensory bin. To do this, grab a pan or bowl and add some rice, sprinkles or glitter, and (felt or construction paper) hearts in different colors. Then, add in a box (or two) of conversational candy hearts.

I LOVE Salt Painting

Teach all about the different properties of science and art with this super fun and easy activity! This activity promotes creativity, art, design, fine motor, and more! You will need salt, watercolor paint, and glue. Your kids will love to create adorable designs this Valentine’s Day!

Heart In a Bag

This easy Valentine’s Day craft for preschool promotes color-mixing strategies, fine motor skills, design, crafting, art strategies, and more! All you need is a Ziplock bag, paint, and a heart template.

Scrape Painted Hearts

Scrape painting is a super exciting process art activity to teach your students all about color mixing! Students can play with shapes and try different scrape types. Try fast scrapes, slow scrapes, and light, or hard scrapes! Add depth and texture to art projects with this process art design method. 

Make Your Own Heart Stamps

DIY is fun and easy when you incorporate art, design, and fine motor skills into your February lesson plans! Students will create adorable Valentine’s Day keepsakes using their very own heart stamps!

Dancing Hearts Science Experiment

Wow your students with this exciting dancing hearts science experiment. This experiment is super easy to replicate and is sure to surprise your little ones on Valentine’s Day!

Blooming Paper Hearts

This is a super fun Valentine day activity for kids. You can add letters, numbers or shapes for review. As the heart blooms the and reveal the sight words, kids together shout it out! A great small group valentine activity.

Heart Balloon Blow Up Science Experiment

This is a super fun Valentine day science experiment , where the heart shaped balloon magically blows up due to the chemical reaction between baking soda and vinegar! A great small group valentine activity.

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