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Pot of gold Name craft for St. Patrick’s Day

St Patrick’s Day Name Craft Activities/ Editable Name Craft Rainbow, Pot of Gold/St. Patrick’s Day rainbow name craft is super cute and easy to prep March activity. This St. Patrick’s day craft comes in colored and ink saver version for kids to color, cut and paste. It is an auto- fill pdf just type the name of the students once to generate the whole class list. This pot of gold name craft is a great way for kids to learn to spell their names and practice fine motor skills. This rainbow name craft perfect for St. Patrick’s Day is perfect for bulletin boards, Class and hallway décor and name recognition. This name craft is designed for pre-k, preschool and kindergarten. Do not miss to check out these super cute St. Patrick’s Day Literacy and Math Centers. 

March is the perfect time to celebrate spring, sunshine, and St. Patrick’s day! If you are a preschool, kindergarten, or primary school teacher, I know you are looking for some easy craft ideas for kids. Look no further! We have compiled a list of many craft activities for St. Patrick’s Day that kids will love. The best part of these craft activities? Check these 30+ St. Patrick’s day Art and Crafts projects for your little ones.

Most of them are super easy crafts and have low prep for teachers! So even if you aren’t Irish, this shamrock-centered holiday is the perfect time to start a discussion about what makes us feel lucky!

Pot of gold Name craft for St. Patrick’s Day

This name craft for students does take a bit more prep time for teachers, but it is a great bell work activity that students can do independently, as well as practicing fine motor skills. 

Check the template here

This activity can also be used to help students correctly sort letters in their names and identify letters. This St Patrick’s day pot of gold and rainbow craft activity includes:

  1.     B&W Pot of Gold & Rainbow Coloring page Template
  2.     Color Pot of Gold & Rainbow Template
  3.     Cut and paste templates of both ( Separate pot of gold and rainbow)
  4. Gold coins for kids names (Auto-fill pdf) 

You need:

Printable of pot of gold and a rainbow ● A gluestick● Markers and crayons● Small images of gold coins that have letters printed on them for student names (you can also print them plainly, and have students practice writing a letter on each coin)

To make:

● You can print a black line of a pot of gold with a student’s name printed on it and a rainbow coming off to the side. Students will color the pot and the rainbow.● Then the students will cut their images of the gold and arrange the letters in order of their name. ● They will glue down the coins above the pot of gold in name order.● If you do not want students to color in the rainbow, you can cut out a pot of gold and pre-printed rainbow for students to paste. They will follow the same steps with the coins. While this activity definitely has to be planned ahead of time, the students will love having this personalized namesake for St. Patrick’s Day!

Check this video for more detailed instructions:

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