St. Patrick’s Day Crafts, Activities and Centers

Check out this wide variety of centers, crafts and learning activities to add to your classroom lessons this March St. Patrick’s Day is so much fun and your preschoolers will learn and grow with these hands-on, interactive activities! Keep reading to learn all about them!

St. Patrick’s Day Handprint Keepsake

Want your preschoolers to have the luck of the Irish this March? Check out these adorable St. Patrick’s Day Handprint Art Activity Pages today! Fun for preschool, elementary, and homeschool students, our handprint art pages make the perfect holiday keepsake. With an easy-to-use design and fun graphics, your students and their families are sure to LOVE them!

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St Patrick’s Day Editable Name Hats

Here’s a wonderful craft activity for March/St. Patrick’s Day! This activity features editable name hats/crowns. These hats are absolutely no prep and are super easy to use! Each student will get to choose a design of their choice (or you choose for your class), then they will then build up their writing and name spelling confidence all while working on important fine motor skills during the design and name writing process of hat/crown making! A great engaging craft for preschool or kindergarten!

Click here to get the Name Hat bundle

When you download this editable set, you will receive:

● Colored Rainbow Name Hat

● Ink Saver Rainbow Name Hat

● Colored Leprechaun Name Hat

● Ink-Saver Leprechaun Name Hat

● Colored Shamrock Name Hat

● Ink-Saver Shamrock Name Hat

● Colored Cute Leprechaun Name Hat

● Ink-Saver Cute leprechaun Name Hat

So much fun for everyone! Your students will LOVE designing and coloring their own hats/crowns and showing off their very own names. This activity promotes name recognition, spelling, and fine motor control.! 

Learning Activities and Centers

Loaded with fun, hands-on activities these interactive lessons and center activities will make your St. Patrick’s Day engaging and full of learning! From letters and sounds to rhymes, finger counting to colors, and everything in between these activities has something for every preschool or kindergarten classroom this March!

St. Patrick’s Day Sounds, Rhymes, & Syllables

Teaching rhyme, syllable counting, or beginning sounds to your preschool or kindergarten students this March? Get these adorable centers for St. Patrick’s Day activities for preschool and kindergarten is easy to use, low-prep, and full of engaging lessons!

Click here to get the Literacy & Math bundle

Included in this set is:

  • 26 beginning sound clip-it task cards
  • 36 rhyming word matching clip-it task cards
  • 12 syllable count clip-it task cards

Your students will engage in a variety of early literacy skills while also improving their fine motor control with the clip-it task cards. Each set of task cards should be printed in color and laminated for extended use. Your students will need clothes pins or other “clip-it” accessories to complete these activities.

St. Patrick’s Day Golden Sight Words

Reading and writing sight words is an important part of early literacy education. Preschoolers will need to know how to read, write, and spell sight words fluently in order to progress in writing and reading throughout their elementary school years. These activities promote sight word recognition and spelling for young learners. 

Click here to get the Literacy & Math bundle

Each of the 100 sight words (first 40 Dolch Sight Words and 44 Fundations)  included in this set will help students improve their sight word fluency and spelling. This activity gives students a sight word that they then need to spell out with golden coins (included). Students can use this activity during small groups, in literacy centers, or as a part of their morning work bins. 

Words included are:

I, a, all, am, and, are, as, at, away, be, because, big, black, blue, brown, but, by, came, can, come, could, day, do, down, eat, eight, find, first, five, for, four, from, funny, get, got, green, has, have, he, help, her, here, him, his, in, is, it, jump, like, little, look, love, make, me, my, new, nine, no, not, of, off, on, one, out, pink, play, purple, red, run, said, saw, see, seven, she, six, so, ten, that, the, then, there, they, this, three, to, too, two, up, us, want, was, we, went, what, when, where, white, who, why, with, yellow, yes, you, your

March Letter Match

Want to get your students to improve their fine motor skills while also learning their letters? We have the perfect activity for you! This activity has been created with preschool and kindergarten students in mind. Match a lowercase letter to an uppercase letter in this adorable hands-on St. Patrick’s Day/March-themed activity.

Click here to get the Literacy & Math bundle

Simply print the 26 uppercase (pot of gold) task cards, the 26 lowercase (gold coin) task cards, and the 28-letter match clip-it task cards. Then laminate for extended use and extra durability. 

Grab a set of clothes pins or clips and let students clip the letter that matches the letter on the mitten. For example, if there is an uppercase “L” on the pot of gold task card, students will find and clip the lowercase “l” at the bottom of the task card. This activity is perfect for use as morning work, center activities, small group instruction, circle time, and so much more!

St. Patrick’s Day Letter Tracing

This resource provides teachers with 26 lowercase, 26 uppercase, and 26 uppercase/lowercase task cards for tracing. To use simply print (we recommend laminating and using an expo marker for extended use) and complete. Students can use a pencil, marker, pen, or crayon to complete the paper version of these pages. Handwriting and letter formation is such an important early learning skill that all preschool and kindergarten students should have!

Click here to get the Literacy & Math bundle

So, check out these adorable Letter Tracing Task Cards! They have been designed with preschool and kindergarten students in mind, so our task cards promote early learning skills like phonemic awareness and fine motor skills. This resource is the perfect add-on to your literacy centers and can be printed and then laminated for use year after year.

St. Patrick’s Day Count & Trace Task Cards

This resource provides teachers and students with 20 task cards for tracing, 20 task cards for counting, and 21 ten-frame counting task cards. Check out these adorable Number, Counting, Ten Frame Task Cards today! Designed with preschool and kindergarten students in mind, our task cards promote number recognition, correct number formation, as well as fine motor skills. This resource is the perfect add-on to your math centers, small group learning, or morning work tubs. 

Click here to get the Literacy & Math bundle

 To use simply print (we recommend laminating and using an expo marker for extended use) and complete. Students can use a pencil, marker, pen, or crayon to complete the paper version of these tracing pages. Handwriting and number formation is such an important early learning skill that all students should have! 

Students will also gain fine motor skills using these number cards. Number counting cards provide students with a specific number of pots of gold at the top of the task card and then students need to match the correct digit with the picture. For example, if two pots of gold are shown on the task cards, the student should “clip” the number 2 at the bottom of the page.

March Math Playdough Mats

St. Patrick’s Day/March playdough mat activities for preschool and kindergarten students are loaded with fun, hands-on activities to help students practice early math concepts! This math resource contains a set of counting mats from zero to twenty. These mats are designed with little hands in mind: promoting correct number formation and ten frames for additional one-to-one correspondence. 

Click here to get the Literacy & Math bundle

To use these adorable winter/mitten-themed math playdough mats:

  • Print the playdough mats (0-20) on card stock
  • Laminate each playdough mat (this provides extra durability and extended use)
  • Provides students with playdough mats, playdough, dry-erase markers, and small manipulatives (think pom-poms, counters, small candies, etc…)
  • Students will then
  • make the number on the mat in playdough
  • write the number using the dry-erase marker
  • make the number in the ten frame using playdough balls
  • use one-to-one correspondence by decorating the mitten with the correct number of small items/manipulatives

Your students are sure to LOVE this activity and be begging for more! This is the perfect activity to incorporate into small group learning, independent practice, center activities, or morning workstations. 

Patterns & Emotions for St. Patrick’s Day

Teaching patters? How about feelings and emotions? This March it is easy to hit both of these standards with my adorable St. Patrick’s Day pattern and emotion task cards. Both are fun and loaded with hands-on activities that help students with early math and social emotional concepts. 

These task cards can be used as morning work bin activities, small group center work instruction, circle time activities, and so much more! I designed them to be used with preschool, kindergarten, first grade, and homeschool students. They cover 12 different emotions/feelings task cards and 6 pattern task cards for each of the following patterns: AB, AAB, ABB, and ABC.

Click here to get the Literacy & Math bundle

Students will use the emotion task cards with playdough or markers. If using play dough, I suggest laminating for extra durability and extended use. Students will use play dough or markers to replicate the emotion shown. For example, students will create a “sad” or “happy” leprechaun face. Teaching students about a variety of emotions and what they look like is so important for young children’s social skills. 

St. Patrick’s Day Shapes and Colors Task Cards

An adorable and easy-to-use math activity that gives students practice with shape and color recognition. This printable task card set includes 10 shape clip-it task cards and 11 color clip-it task cards. Students will improve fine motor control, and color and shape recognition, and have tons of fun with this activity!

Click here to get the Literacy & Math bundle

To use print each task card (we recommend on card stock) and laminate. Laminating the task cards provides consistent year-after-year use and is much easier to wipe clean! Students will clip a clothespin onto the correct color or shape of each task card. This is a perfect quick assessment or small group activity for students!

St. Patrick’s Day Gross Motor Game

Make St. Patrick’s Day even more fun with this super amazing gross motor game. It is so easy to use! Just print, laminate, roll the dice and go! Land on 10x Jumps? Start jumping! Your students are going to find it to be SO MUCH FUN!

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