I SPY Letters fun Activity

I SPY is a wonderful game which kids loves to play. We can create it easily anywhere, indoors or even outdoors. But the best part about this fun activity is that it we can customize it as per the kid’s age, learning concepts etc. Hence, I SPY Letters fun Activity can be a great learning experience for younger toddlers too.

I SPY Letters fun Activity is a activity which aims at teaching the sounds of letters/Alphabets or phonics to kids.

Material Needed:

Spread out the ALPHABET flashcards and instruct the kid to find the item in each picture. Even an 18 months can easily show inclination to do thi activity as by then kids can recognize pictures and can actually be excited to find them for real!

It’s a wonderful activity in helping kids in recognition of Alphabets and the letter sounds with the help of real objects present in the house.

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