Practical Learning for Toddlers

Practical learning for toddlers is the best! What better than teaching different learning concepts in a playful way. Concepts like Patterns, Shapes, Colors, find the different object sharpens a kid’s brain and help in cognitive development. Moreover, they help kids to get more aware about the surroundings. Hence, always remember that learning while playing is the best way to introduce several concepts to kids.

These no-prep practical learning activities are great fun for toddlers. Believe me it’s awesome fun and great learning experience too. So, Let’s Begin!

Learning patterns practically 
for toddlers
Complete the objects pattern
Learning colors practically 
for toddlers
I spy bears-colors
Matching play dough activity
Count and match activity
Concept of big and small taught practically
Big and Small Jar activity
Find the odd one out pratical activity for kids
Find the different object
Color matching activity
Color matching activity

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