Simple Sun Craft using Fork painting for summer

It is summer time, so its fun to make sun using simple art techniques. My kids absolutely love painting activities so any painting ideas are always welcomed in my class as a fun kids activity they can try. Painting with fork is one of the favorite amongst kids. This Simple Sun Craft using Fork painting for summer is a great hit amongst kindergarten and preschool kids

This Simple Sun Craft using Fork painting for summer is super fun and easy art activity for preschoolers and kindergartners. Also check out these fun Summer art & Craft projects for kids.

Paints are super fun to play with. Kids can explore their creativity in many different ways. Summer outdoor crafts and activities are a great way to explore the surroundings. 

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Let’s begin on how to create this beautiful sun craft for summer art project with kids. 

Materials Required to set up

  • Yellow Acrylic color
  • Fork
  • Black Construction paper
  • Yellow Construction paper

Step by Step Directions

  • Pour Acrylic color in a plate/color tray
  • Draw a circle in the center of the paper
  • Dip the fork into the yellow paint
  • Start making sun rays with fork around the circle
  • Cut a circle out of yellow construction paper
  • Stick it in the center
  • Cut a sunglass using black construction paper 
  • Stick it on top of the face of the sun


I am sure that kids will love this sun craft as it can make a great hands-on summer art project. Also do check out my  Fall art project,  Summer art project, 4th of July  , Spring Art projects for preschoolers and kindergartens which are super simple and easy.

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