Mitten Literacy & Math Centers Task Cards, Mitten Activities

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  • Mitten Literacy Task Cards, Winter Activities

    Winter activities, Mitten Literacy Centers, Mitten Alphabet / Letter Tracing Task cards, Rhyming Words, Letter Match, Beginning Sounds, Letter Tracing. Mitten Activities are super fun, hands on activities to help students with literacy concepts! Mitten themed 250+ Task cards can be used to promote phonemic awareness.

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  • Mitten Math Task Cards, Winter Activities

    Mitten Activities Math center includes Numbers Counting, Color, Shapes, Number Tracing, Pattern, Number Cards, Play dough Mats, Ten Frame counting (200 + Task Cards) is loaded with Task cards to which provide fun, hands on Winter activities to help your students build Math concepts!

    $6.00 $5.00

Mitten Literacy & Math Centers (450+ task cards) activities are loaded with fun, hands on activities to help students with math and literacy concepts. Use this engaging Mitten themed Literacy and Math activity to practice beginning sounds, letter match, alphabet tracing, rhyming words, alphabet recognition, numbers, counting, shapes, colors, patterns, ten frame counting, finger counting etc.

These Mitten Man themed activities are best used once printed and laminated. You can choose to implement these centers in an independent way or use with small-groups. This task cards bundle contains activities intended for use in centers and small groups with children in Kindergarten (Prep) at the beginning of the school year.

Mitten Literacy bundle includes:

  1. Upper and Lowercase Letter Match Clip it Cards
  2. Beginning Sounds Match Clip Cards
  3. Letter Tracing Cards
  4. Rhyming Words
  5. Lower and Uppercase Letter Match cards

Mitten Math bundle includes:

  1. Mitten Shapes ( Clip it task cards)
  2. Mitten Colors (Clip it task cards)
  3. Mitten counting 1-20 (Clip it task cards)
  4. Mitten Number Linking Cards 1-20 (Ten frame counting, Finger counting and Number spelling)
  5. Mitten Number Tracing Cards 1-20
  6. Mitten Counting Playdough Mats (0-20)
  7. Mitten Pattern (AB, AAB, ABB, ABC)

These centers can be used as arrival/table time activities, center activities, small group instruction, and circle. These activities are designed for preschool, pre-k, or kindergarten.

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