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100 Days of School bundle contains both digital and printable resources to make the 100th Day of School celebration memorable. Digital resource will help you engage kids on smart board plus the printable craft, hats, necklace, certificates, activities, selfie will be loved by kids as well as parents.

Resources included are:-

Digital 100 Days of School Celebrations (Google Slides and PowerPoint Presentation) includes:-

  • Dress up for 100th day of school
  • When I will be 100 years…
  • 100th day workout
  • My 100th day snacks
  • 100 Gumballs for 100 days
  • I am 100 days smarter
  • 100th day certificate
  • 100th day read aloud books
  • 100th day songs

100th Day of School Necklace (Printable) includes:-

  • Necklace Mat
  • Necklace separator's (10, 20, .... 100)
  • "100 Days of School" to hang from the the necklace

100 Days Smarter Certificate (Printable) includes:-

  • 100 Days of School Certificate (Auto-fill PDF)

100th Day Of School Hats (Printable) includes:-

  • 100 Days Smarter - Editable Name Hats (Auto-fill PDF)
  • 100th Day of School - Editable Name Hats (Auto-fill PDF)
  • Happy 100th Day of School - Editable Name Hats (Auto-fill PDF)

100th Day Of School Activities (Printable) includes:-

  • 100th Day workout
  • 100th Day Sticker collection mat
  • Draw a selfie of how you will look like at 100 years
  • How will you celebrate 100th birthday.(writing activity)
  • If I wish I had 100 (writing activity)
  • I can do 100 (writing activity)
  • If I had $ 100 (writing activity)
  • I want to eat 100 (writing activity)
  • 100th Day Celebration (cut and paste star 10 - 100 activity)
  • My 100th Day Snack mat

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***The auto-fill PDF accommodates up to 10 students in one PDF.*** You can make as many copies as you like.

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• Open the file using ADOBE READER

• Type in your class list

• Select and print the sheets you want to use

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