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25+ Easy Fall Leaves Arts and Crafts for Kids

The seasons are changing and fall is officially here! Leaves craft, Pumpkin crafts and Fall Tree crafts are the flavor of the season. If you are a teacher or parent of a toddler, preschooler or kindergartner looking for easy fall arts and crafts for the kids in your life you have landed on the right page! With just a few supplies from the dollar store, Free Fall Leaves Template and a nature walk around the yard gathering leaves of different shapes, sizes, and colors along with some acorns there are endless opportunities for kids to create fun art projects, practice their fine motor and sensory skills, and learn about the magic of the Autumn season in the process. Teachers grab your lesson planners and fill up each day with 25 of the best fall crafts for your preschool and kindergarten-age kids!

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Taking your kids outside to collect an assortment of leaves on a scavenger hunt (Free Printable) helps them to feel more involved in the project as well as amp up their creativity as they begin to learn how to process completing something from start to finish. With a little help from you, they will be piecing together a variety of fun fall crafts and exploring the joy of one of the best times of the year! Also see this super fun FREE Editable ” Hello Fall” printable Hat to welcome this beautiful season of fall!

1. Sponge Painting Fall Leaf Art

Fall is the season of color and leaves. This amazing Autumn Leaf Painting project done by using a sponge is a great way to explore the concept of color mixing to get different shades of fall leaves. This fall leaf painting is super simple yet effective. Kids absolutely love it!

2. Silhouette Fall Leaf Fingerprint Art

Kids will love dipping their fingers into the different paints to create this simple leaf silhouette piece of art! This is an easy way to help your kids work on their hand-eye coordination as well as explore mixing different colors and seeing what unique combinations they can create. This simple project could also be adaptable for special needs students as it can meet kids exactly where they are!

3. Water and Oil Marbled Fall Leaf Process Art

It may be an old wive’s tale that water and oil don’t mix but the end result of this easy fall craft project will have kids amazed at how the marbling changes with every single leaf! This is a fun way to incorporate STEM into your lesson by talking about how science and art are often intertwined and can create hours of endless fun! Little kids will have so much fun dipping the leaves in and out of the solution and watching it change, much like the magic of the fall season itself.

4. Fall Leaf Magnetic Color Mixing Process Art 

Oftentimes the simple ideas are the ones that kids enjoy the most and this fun project is no exception! Another mix of STEM and Art coming together in a way that could work with younger and older children alike. Playing with magnets and paint is a wonderful way to bring the two subjects together!

5. Scissors Cutting Practice with Fall Leaves

Want to work with your kids’ on their hand-eye-coordination, and fine motor skills and get them used to different textures? This one does it all with one of the shortest supply lists included here! This can bring endless hours of frugal fun as you only need 3 supplies and one of them will be collected from outside in your yard!  This is a type of fall craft that leaves you feeling like a pretty resourceful mama (or teacher).

6. Fall Leaf Sponge Painting Art

Sponge brushes are one of the best craft supplies because they bring a different texture to all of our favorite fall crafts! Each time your kid puts the brush down it will leave a slightly different paint stroke behind. Encourage your kids to play with different strokes with the brush so they can see for themselves how fun art can be! Early childhood education is a perfect time to show kids that experimenting and learning are always right at our fingertips!

7. Fall Wreath Using Leaves

The paper plate wreath is a staple in many preschool and kindergarten classrooms and we absolutely love this one! This great craft will be unique for each student as they can choose if they want to use leaves in one color scheme or if they want to find a variety and mix it up! The best part about this craft is that it gives you the opportunity to get outside and truly enjoy the new season!

8. Fall Leaf Yarn Painting

This fall leaf project can turn into a messy little monster if you’re not careful, but sometimes that also builds some of the best core memories for kids in the classroom! This project will help with hand-eye coordination and might be best if geared towards slightly older kids in the elementary system as there is a bit more structure to the project overall.

9. Splatter Leaf Process Art

This fall leave process art project can definitely get a bit messy so be sure to keep the smogs of your kindergarteners or preschoolers ready! This project provides a great opportunity to teach kids about process art, which is where the focus isn’t necessarily on the end piece of work, but more on the process, it takes to get there. It’s a super fun fall process art to be carried out outdoors or even you can use this FREE printable fall leaves template

10. Pine Cone Branch Process Art Fall Leaf 

This fall art and craft project gives kids a chance to experience different textures in their art and gives you one less thing to clean up after the project is completed. Everybody wins!  Teaching kids to use things in a different way also helps build up their creativity as they learn to look beyond just what is expected.

11. Leaf Resist Spray Art

Resist spray art is another mix of STEM and art and has a wide variety of different ways you can add to your fun ideas for fall art projects. By mixing different things into your paint you can have a variety of science lessons mixed in. The main point is to find something that will “resist” the other, in this case, it is the texture of the leaf resisting the paint and water mixture, but this process gives endless amounts of fun to be had!

12. Fall Leaf Necklace 

When looking for an easy fall craft project to complete with your kids or students it doesn’t get much more simple than this. You will want lots of leaves for this project so be sure you find a place where the pickings are plenty! This is a fun and easy craft for your kids to enjoy!

Leaf Template Fall Art Projects 

We have seen the many options available for fall craft projects with real leaves but what if you’re in the middle of some rainy days or you’re not in an area with a lot of leaves laying on the ground? Thankfully we have a great free printable leaf template available so you and your kids can still enjoy great fall crafts without ever needing to leave the classroom! 

13. Acorn Marbling Process Art Fall Leaf

This project allows for each one to be unique as well as buildup hand-eye coordination as your kids work to keep the acorns inside the pan! Kids will love moving the acorns around and watching the paint swirl in different patterns. Check out this great FREE Leaf Templates for Fall Art Projects.

14. Fizzy Fall Leaf Art

This Fizzy art project creates a unique opportunity to watch science and art come to life, again putting STEM front and center. A classic fall Vinegar and Baking Soda Science experiments for the little ones. Big kids and younger kids alike will all find this project to be captivating as you go from painting your leaf to bubbles fizzing all over from the reaction of your materials!

15. Leaf-In-A-Box -Fall Leaf Marbling

Many kids struggle with just sitting down and drawing or painting. This leaf-in-a-box craft gives kids the chance to complete art while also getting to actually complete an activity when they have to literally shake it up! This is a great idea to get kids involved even when art might not be their favorite thing.

16. Leaf-In-A-Bag

You can consider this fall craft project “in the bag”, literally! Paper crafts bring a variety of different ways to get kids involved in a project. Kids will love smashing the colors into the paper leaf and you will love that it’s happening while the paint is inside a closed Ziploc bag! This easy craft is a great use of your free template while helping kids learn different ways to express their creativity.

17. Top Spinning Fall Leaf Art 

This is a super fun fall process art! Spinning tops might be simple but they are one of the few toys that continue to stay relevant with kids of all ages. Add in some paint and you have one of the best ideas for creating one-of-a-kind pieces of process art!

18. Bleeding Tissue Fall Leaf Art

Tissue Paper is a popular and frugal material that can be used in a variety of art and craft projects. This art and science project not only teaches kids about textures and how water can make colors bleed through onto paper but also helps their fine motor skills as they work on tearing the paper into pieces for the project.

19. Fall Leaf Marbling Using Shaving Cream

This will be a classroom favorite as there aren’t too many kids that don’t like to play in shaving cream! This is a messy fall sensory art project which kids will love making. Each leaf which kids would be marbling in shaving cream would be unique and beautiful! be sure to download your FREE fall leaves template

20. Salt Art with Fall Leaves

It’s amazing how many different ways you can use these leaf cut-outs when creating great fall art and craft projects! This project will also help kids build fine motor skills as they work on getting the glue all around the edges of the leaf as well as along the lines in the middle. Watching the paint blend into the salt and create different colors each time will have kids super excited!

21. Kitchen Towel Blotting Leaf Art

Teaching kids how to use materials that many already have in their homes will help them build up the creative centers in their brains. This also includes some STEM as the science behind adding the paint to the paper towel you create a reaction of different materials. Build on this project by explaining why these things happen and other ways they can try to mix science and art!

22. Fall Leaf Name puzzle

This popsicle stick handprint project presents an endless amount of opportunities for each season, but we are going to look at how it plays into the fall curriculum here. Kids will work on many different skills here as they put the sticks together, paint them, write out letters and then have a puzzle to work on afterward. This is one of our favorite fall activities!

23. Fall Leaves Magic Name Practice Fine Motor Activity

We saw earlier how you can blot paint onto a paper towel and it creates a reaction with unique coloring. This is taking it one step further and showing kids how different mediums give you different results by using markers, paper towels, and water to help you build up a crafty morning in your classroom.

24. Salt Fall Writing Tray 

We have included this craft by using fall colors on the tray, but this is definitely an activity you could use any time during the year to work on literacy and letter recognition with your students. By showing students the reaction of salt and water and also throws in STEM making it a top overall project to include in any lesson plan!

25. Fall Color Mixing Sensory Bag with Hair Gel

This is a phenomenal hand-eye-coordination and sensory activity for preschool and kindergarten students! The different textures you get by adding in the gel will get kids excited to play with writing out their different letters! You could start with the letters in their name, and build up to other letters in the alphabet as well.

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